Airlifting Fencing Materials

One of Ben Alder Estate’s main objectives is to maintain the long-term management of its assets for the benefit of present and future generations. When it comes to forestry harvesting, the land stewardship practised at the estate includes replanting and nurturing new trees.

The current tree harvesting project is on the slopes of the Fara. It is a bulky ridge that stretches for several miles along the north side of Loch Ericht. The Fara is one of the highest Corbett’s, just missing Munro status by three meters.

The replanting areas from the harvest site need to be fenced off to keep the deer out. Getting materials to the right place for re-fencing can be a challenge. On this occasion, it was necessary to get the materials brought in by helicopter.

Some visitors to the estate on that day were held up from time to time for safety reasons but were all very happy to watch the action from a distance.