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Local Events 2021

Several great events are still planned for later in the year, and we will update our list as the dates are announced.

Landmark Adventure Park 4th to 31st October 2021 Spookfest

Who is up for a Spooktacular journey around Wonderwood this October?
Starting from the 4th of October you might find some horrifying Halloween spectacles throughout Wonderwood from the Grim Reaper himself to a haunted Dracula’s bride. Watch out for Matilda’s mean sister Glinda she has something unusual brewing at Reception! Fancy joining in on this scare-fest- why not come dressed for the occasion you never know what you might capture on your cameras!

‘Foam Day’ is an October favourite!
Things will be a bit wilder than normal at the waterslides on the 31st of October. We like to end Spookfest in style with some fabulous foamy family fun! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to zoom through a giant wall of foam- well come on down and experience it for yourselves?

Please note special safety restrictions may apply.

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